Sensei Colman GlynnOur Dojo holds classes for adults of 18 years and above only. Visitors are welcome to watch or join in.

Wednesday              20:00 – 21:30                                          Room 7

Thursday                  19:15 – 20:10 and 20:15 – 21:45         Room 9

Saturday                  10:00 – 12:00                                          Room 15

Beginners are welcome to attend any class but are encouraged to attend the Wednesday class at first.  We also hold a special weekend course about once every two months, and the BAF also holds frequent weekend courses plus a Spring Course and Summer School each year (details on website). *Please bring weapons to the Saturday class if you have them.


If you would like to practice, we would ask you to fill in a short form at the beginning of class for insurance purposes.  For continued practice it is appropriate to become a member of the British Aikido Federation (senior students will assist with this).

If you are visiting the UK from overseas and would like to practice you must have travel insurance that specifically covers for sport/martial arts.  Please bring this proof of insurance with you when attending class.

If you do not own a training uniform please wear loose clothing such as gym bottoms and a t-shirt. Jewellery should be removed and nails (fingers and toes), where possible, kept short. When in the Dojo, follow the example of senior students. They will also be available to advise further on Dojo etiquette.

Training Fees:

Training fees can be paid by: cash per class; cash per month; or monthly order (rates below). Our monthly rates allow members to attend all classes in that calendar month or part thereof but exclude special courses. Fees are paid in advance and are non-refundable, and the dojo does not accept payment by cheque. A ‘double class’ comprises the two consecutive classes on Thursday.

Training Fees Cash per Class Cash per Double Class* Monthly by Cash Monthly by Standing Order ‘Hourly rate based on standing order’
Adult (18 or over) £20 £30 £90 £75 £3.50
Student / concessionary £15 £20 £55 £50 £2.50
Senior citizen (65 or over) £10 £15 £40 £35 £1.50

*Double class comprises the two consecutive classes on a Thursday.

Membership Fees:

Membership fees are annual (rates below) and students need to be a member of the dojo and BAF before starting to train. At present we cannot train people under 18 years of age. We also offer provisional membership for £5: this counts towards the BAF fee and is valid for three classes. After the third class, students wishing to continue training need to pay the balance of the relevant BAF fee plus dojo annual fee. All fees are non-refundable, and the dojo and BAF both reserve the right to refuse, suspend or terminate membership at any time. Visiting BAF members are very welcome to train with proof of current membership and valid insurance.

Status BAF Annual Fee Dojo Annual Fee Total Annual Fee
Adult (18 or over) £35 £25 £60
Student / concessionary £25 £15 £40
Senior (65 or over) £20 £10 £30